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Episode 14: Restoring Thucydides and the Classics, featuring Dr. Jay Parker

February 25, 2021

On this episode of the SOSH Podcast, COL (Ret.) Jay Parker and Dr. Scott Silverstone sit down to talk about Dr. Parker’s latest book, “Restoring Thucydides: Testing Familiar Lessons and Deriving New Ones.” The two discussed topics such as why Thucydides is so frequently misunderstood, whether the Melian Dialogue really was a validation of Realism as is commonly believed, and what the real lessons are that we should be drawing from classical scholars like Thucydides, Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu.


COL (Ret.) Jay Parker is an alumni of the USMA Social Sciences Department, having served as a Professor and the Director of International Relations and National Security Studies programs. He is currently the Major General Fox Conner Chair of International Security Studies in the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University. 


Dr. Scott Silverstone is a Professor of International Affairs at the United States Military Academy, and has been on the faculty at West Point since 2001.


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